An Open University - Warsaw School of Computer Science

An Open University

A university open internally and externally – we are the only university in Poland that, following the Covid pandemic, maintains a hybrid system of education with simultaneous access to classes for students in the stationary system and online.

ALL classes are recorded with the possibility of their reproduction by students 24/7. A significant part of classes is made available in an open mode to people from outside the WWSI academic community, e.g. the first open thesis defences in Poland.

The University’s openness also includes activities carried out in secondary schools as part of the Youth IT Academy to support IT teaching.

From the 2024/2025 academic year, WSCS is introducing an open ‘visiting student’ pathway to the education system, which provides the opportunity for people who want to acquire IT competences and skills to study using an open formula outside the formal study system. The cost to the ‘visitiing student’ is 1E/hour to attend classes online.