Accessible University - Warsaw School of Computer Science

Accessible University

‘Accessible university’ is, in the case of WSCS, not just an empty slogan. We go to great lengths to ensure that people with special needs feel safe, ‘seen’ and ‘heard’ with us, as well as to create equal study conditions for all.

We are also working hard to ensure that the university’s headquarters, located in the building at 17 Lewartowskiego Street, is an accessible space for people with different types of disabilities.

On each floor of the university, there are tiffographic plans that help to orient oneself in the layout of the rooms. In addition, navigation around the building is facilitated by a system of transmitters (beacons), which send information in text and voice form directly to a phone with the YourWay application installed. The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Google Play shops or by scanning the QR code located on the tiffany plan.

The app also contains useful information for all users of the space (e.g. telephone numbers or office hours). More about the app at:

information photo first floor plan in the Your way application

The university building also has an information kiosk that has been adapted to the needs of people with disabilities (induction loop, reader, adapted keyboard).

The rooms have been marked with signs in raised print and Braille.

Induction loop symbol

For people with hearing disabilities, induction loops have been installed in the main halls of residence and in all offices where student services are provided. These devices enable people with hearing impairments to receive clear and distinct sound through the telecoil (T), which almost every hearing aid is equipped with.

It is also possible to contact us via a Polish Sign Language interpreter. This service is available directly from the university’s website and on-site at the student affairs office and for applicants at the recruitment office. Access to PJM interpreter:

Symbol for sign language interpreter service

We have implemented a range of technologies and procedures to support the educational process for students with various disabilities:

– solutions that allow examinations and credits to be delivered remotely adapted to people with disabilities,

– all lectures are streamed online which facilitates attendance in situations where the student is unable to attend classes in person,

– an extensive library of adapted teaching materials (WCAG compliant). They are made available on the digitally accessible WWSI On Demand platform (LINK to the website).

– possibility to employ an assistant for a person with a disability,

– possibility to adapt the form of exams, credits or the form of lectures and physical activities.