Outgoing students - Warsaw School of Computer Science

Outgoing students

Students of WSCS and newly graduated alumni can take advantage of:  

  • internships abroad (duration: from 2 days to 12 months).  
    Students can go to foreign companies, research institutions, higher education institutions, non-profit organizations, and any other organizations operating in the labor market or in the field of youth education, training, scientific research or innovation.  
  • a semester abroad at a partner university for studies. So far, our students have stayed at partner universities in the UK, Denmark, Slovenia, Estonia, and Lithuania.  
    Our university can also sign bilateral interinstitutional agreements with new partners at different HEIs. 
  • blended mobilities, which are short-term trips combined with virtual mobility.  
    Every student, especially one who cannot participate in a long-term physical mobility for studying or traineeship, can take advantage of a short-term physical mobility combined with virtual mobility (blended short-term mobility).
    Additionally, every student can participate in blended intensive programs. In this case, physical mobility must last from 5 to 30 days (excluding travel time) and must be combined with a mandatory virtual component enabling teamwork and exchange of experiences based on collaborative e-learning.
    As part of blended mobility for studies, at least 3 ECTS points must be awarded. 
  • a language course on a special e-learning platform provided by the European Commission – Online Learning Support (OLS). 

Erasmus+ program website: https://erasmusplus.org.pl/ and https://www.esn.pl/pl