Master of Science in Cloud Computing - Warsaw School of Computer Science

Master of Science in Cloud Computing

Master of Science in Cloud Computing offers students both theory and practice so that the students can understand and implement cloud based applications. The course will, along with the valuable academic qualification, provide you with the latest knowledge and competencies required by one of the fastest growing global industry – cloud computing. Cloud Computing offers also scalable computing resources on demand, providing solutions and challenges for science and business. Amongst others, the opportunities include a low cost entry point for small companies, more economical use of computing resources and the capability of handling very large data sets. Challenges for practitioners include the design and use of algorithms, the design and implementation of suitable architecture and understanding of risks and opportunities. The MSc in Cloud Computing will provide a sound understanding of designing, analyzing and engineering of systems for handling big data in a distributed environment based on dynamically scalable architectures.

The program consists of the following core and specialized subjects:

  • Information Systems Modeling and Analysis
  • Distributed Processing
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Advanced Object-Oriented Design
  • Advanced Database Systems
  • Data Mining
  • Mobile Systems
  • Foundations of Management
  • Specialized Internship
  • Diploma Seminars
  • AWS Academy Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing examples of deployments
  • Cloud Computing in the content of Microsoft Azure
  • Agile Project Management Methodologies

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Study Plan 2023/2024 [PDF 174 KB]