Warsaw School of Computer Science and EIT Deep Tech Talent Inititative

Warsaw School of Computer Science pledges to contribute to training 1 million deep tech talents in Europe by 2025

Warsaw School of Computer Science is happy to announce a new partnership with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative (see link), a pioneering program that is skilling one million people within European deep tech fields by 2025.
Warsaw School of Computer Science has signed a pledge to contribute to EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative and reach the upskilling and re-skilling goals by providing a set of deep tech training courses in alignment with the quality standards set by the European Institute of innovation and Technology. Our Pledge (see link)

Deep tech innovations – cutting-edge technology solutions combining fields of science and engineering in the physical, biological and digital spheres – are indispensable in addressing the most pressing global challenges. However, Europe lacks the talent and skilled labor force necessary to properly leverage the new technologies to enable its green and digital transition. The EIT aims to address this gap, in line with European Commissions’ New European Innovation Agenda, by developing a strong deep tech talent pool across Europe.

To address the mission of training one million individuals in deep tech before 2025, the EIT launched ‘The Pledge for Deep Tech Talents’, which is a vehicle for partners and sponsors to contribute to the development and delivery of initiatives’ courses and training. The Pledge gathers public and private organizations, industry representatives and champions, academic partners, education providers, and Member States in support of the aim of the initiative.

Warsaw School of Computer Science, as an education and training provider, will contribute to achieving the goal of training one million talents in deep tech fields by participating in the call to provide a set of training courses in Artificial Intelligence applied to business and fintech sectors. 

The courses will be available to our university students, alumni, partner universities students and staff, as well as to the open public. Throughout the process of course creation and execution, we commit to adhering to high standards of promoting diversity and accessibility with regard to recruiting and training the participants.

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