Meet our Alumni - Warsaw School of Computer Science

Meet our Alumni

We highly appreciate each of our Alumni’s achievements and we want to present them to the whole our community. Here are some of them:

Atacan Demiralp from Turkey

“Back in the day, I experienced many of poorly managed projects in Turkey. That mainly drove me to learn how to manage projects and solve the problems I have faced. I focused on project management and began to practice by myself. Self-studies did not fulfill my desire, so I decided to earn competency by studying abroad. By this way, I would not only study to get a degree but also encounter the difficulties of living abroad and adapting to a foreign culture. It seemed challenging in many ways at first, but I had no time and excuse for not chasing my goals.

Fortunately, I found the IT Project Management master’s study in Warsaw School of Computer Science during my research and I have submitted my application. After a short while, I moved to the lovely city Warsaw and start studying the subject I wanted to master. I moved to Poland without getting prepared economically. I was very lucky that I began to study with scholarship. I had to perform my very best and prove that I am a worthy scholar. That became just another motive in my mind.

I studied various useful topics. The classes helped me to learn the essentials of the IT project management. At the end of the second semester, I acquired high scores and a secondary scholarship. During the summer break, I got hired as Software Project Coordinator by GE Healthcare and relocated to Norway all of a sudden. I couldn’t give up on my study just because of geographical distance. The challenges seemed so compelling to me. Along the last two semesters, I travelled back and forth between Poland and Norway and took the weekend classes.

I graduated with a master’s degree, double scholarships, and beautiful memories I will always remember. The journey I went through was so much educational, challenging and fun. I am glad to see the master’s study has enhanced my proficiency. I am thankful to the professors, student affairs and the Warsaw School of Computer Science for supporting me achieve my goals.”


Shabeeha Valokottil

After completing school and college in the mother tongue in Kerala state of India, I came to Poland with my husband after spending a few years in administration and management.

After a long break, I decided to take the opportunity to study Masters. Whether a postgraduation option is less likely. That’s how I found IT Project Management in Warsaw school of computer science. It was really challenging in many ways for me because a girl who had just completed her schooling in public school and graduate in  management from a place like Kerala in India had no knowledge of technology. However, I chose IT Project Management in Warsaw school of computer science. Fortunately, from the president of the college to the security guard of the college are great people on the planet. as a foreigner, it is so important that local people make you comfortable in that place. every person of the college immensely helped me to fulfil my studies successfully. especially, professors, they were considering me as a without IT background student and took special classes only for me. at the same time student affairs of the school helped me many times when I faced troubles like visa-related, others. I had never experienced before this much support in my entire educational life. all the support and effort I graduated with a higher grade in the master’s degree. this journey is one of the most valuable things in my life educationally, challenges, experiences, beautiful memories and fun. Its helped me a lot to improve personally and professionally. I am grateful to the professors, classmates, student affairs, others and Warsaw school of computer science for immersive supporting to achieve my goals, without your help and support I could have never fulfilled.

shabeeha valokottil

Nosa Simisola Ayere

Walking Straight to career success is exactly what the university represents for me. i started my masters program with little to No work experience in the IT field. i was motivated by everyone i came in contact with at the University, Acquiring more knowledge from day to day studies i knew i was ready to begin building my path in the IT industry . Thanks to the Support of the University and flexibility, i found my way and i am proud to say i am a Data Center Infrastructure Engineer at Cisco and Warsaw School of Computer Science is my Alma Mater.

Mohamed Labraiki

Since 2013, that is since the time I met my now wife, I have known that Poland might become my place one day. In 2017, we decided that we will settle in Poland for good and yet at this point I didn’t know that my life will change so much.

I didn’t plan to start new studies, as I had already graduated with a master’s degree in applied computer science back in Morocco. However, as I couldn’t work before obtaining a residence permit, I was looking for next thing to do here. Something that would keep me busy during the waiting time and would help me refine my IT skills from a totally different
angle than before.

That’s when I found , by pure luck, this amazing study program, a master’s in it project management at Warsaw School of Computer Science. This offered me a whole new layer of IT competences. During the 2 years of studies I have amassed a lot of theoretical knowledge, practical skills as well as many friends!

This has also accelerated my access to the Polish job market, Already during first year of studies I have started working for a French start up based in Warsaw. It didn’t last long, but I think what came next was much better. In January of 2019 I joined a great Danish company from the energy sector and world leader in Offshore wind power as a system consultant. I collaborate closely with our internal traders to provide them with all software tools necessary to their daily work. It is a great environment where every day I use my skills acquired at WSCS, from different programming languages to IT standards like Agile and DevOps.