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For Candidates

Warsaw School of Computer Science offers two MSc specializations within the Computer Science field in the academic year 2020/2021 (October 2020 intake):

Master of Science in IT Project Management

Master of Science in Cloud Computing

There are two semesters a year and within each semester students take a number of subjects with varied credits. Our curriculum is created in such a way that at the end of year one of studies students are expected to gain 120 ECTS for the MSc in IT Project Management and up to 153 ECTS for the MSc in Cloud Computing.

Find out more about Master Courses here.

For any enquiries please write to: We would also like to recommend all our prospective students to join a group on LinkedIn especially created for all our prospective students who will have a chanve to ask questions regarding the programs/syllabuses to our dedicated team of lecturers (specialization mentors).

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