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Incoming Erasmus+ Students

Are you a student of our partner university who wants to study at the Warsaw School of Computer Science for one semester?

If so, please be advised that each September / January we are checking applications for autumn / spring semesters.

Please take a look at the application process and requirements:

STEP 1: Nomination by your Home University. We should receive the following information from your institution: Name, Current E-mail Address, Semester (Autumn/Spring), Study cycle (B.Sc. or M.Sc.)

STEP 2: Collecting documents (all required documents have to be in English)


  • Transcript of Records (all passed courses at university until now);
  • Confirmation / certificate of your English proficiency (minimum level is B2);
  • Valid copy of the identification document (e.g. your passport)
  • Completed Learning Agreement (if your home university doesn't provide any form for Learning Agreement, please contact us). The Learning Agreement is the most important document during your studies. Please choose your courses carefully, based on your present study programme and study cycle.


STEP 3: Acceptance

We are checking applications from 01.09-10.09 for Autumn Semester and 07.01-17.01 for Spring Semester. You and your Coordinator will receive an online Letter of Acceptance. It will be sent out only by e-mail. We will send back scanned, signed and stamped version of the Learning Agreement to you and your home university Coordinator.

Choosing courses

The academic year is divided into two semesters: autumn and spring. Our academic year typically starts at the end of September. The spring semester usually starts in mid-February.

A normal workload is 30 ECTS per semester, the minimum amount of courses we accept is 15 ECTS per semester.

1 academic hour is 45 min.

Please note that only students that demonstrate their competence in English (or Polish) at (at least) B2 level can take part in study or training mobility. Students' command of a given language is verified.



Language support

The Language Unit of Warsaw School of Computer Science provides language support for incoming students or staff. We offer:


  • Survival Polish (for incoming Erasmus+ / International students);
  • Tandem system of learning languages (i.e. an incoming student teaching his/her mother tongue to a Polish student and vice versa).
  • English for IT classes (up to 150 teaching hours during the entire course of studies);



Warsaw School of Computer Science does not have its own dormitories. We have prepared however, a complete accommodation guide for our incoming Erasmus+ / International students.


If you have any questions, please contact us:

Education is at the heart of achieving your dreams

Patrice Motsepe